Feanor 芬诺

Feanor special cutting tools: cost effective solutions for high efficient cutting processes.

Reference customers in aerospace, automotive and energy-related industries, we manufacture high quality special cutting tools not only for final customers, but for renown standard and special cutting tools manufacturers worldwide.
我们的重要客户主要在航空航天,汽车和能源相关产业, 我们生产高质量特殊刀具,不仅为最终消费者, 而且为著名的标准及特殊刀具制造商.

Just fax or e-mail us your drawing or sketch with specifications, info about your machine and material, and we'll offer you our technical assistance, price and delivery.
请发传真告诉我们您对机床和材料的规格要求和图纸的信息, 我们将为您提供技术援助,价格和送货.

We have experience in following areas: 我们有经验,在以下几个方面:

- profile cutting tools for turbine rotor shafts and turbine blades - 概况刀具涡轮转子轴与涡轮叶片
- motor heads
- cylindres
- braking systems -
- interpump carters反馈
- gearboxes - 变速箱
- compressors - 压缩机 -
- carburettors, injection systems (common-rail)

For further information and technical blog news and drawings click here tel. +8613717978084 or +3902320623976 如需进一步的信息和技术博客新闻和图纸,请点击,电话 13717978084 .


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