Updating your SIP 550 M, 750, 1000 length measuring machine

This update kit allows bypass of the incompatibility between LMC management software and Windows operating systems later than Windows 95. It allows immediate use of QMSOFT 32 bit.

Update procedure:

1. backup SIP correction data directory and send it by mail. This is necessary to transfer correction parameters into the interface software.
2. get the upgrade kit (IK 220 card + special counter card + cable)
3. install the two cards on your new PC (with PCI slots) and connect the special cable to your SIP measuring machine (operating systems Xindows XP Home or Professional are supported)
4. update to QMSOFT32 or use the classical 16 bit QMSOFT version

A further possibility is the use of a miniaturized laser-diode interferometer, for further information visit this

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