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We offer services in following areas:
  • CNC Metalworking and Laser Cutting: Special Cutting Tools. We provide an affordable turnkey  upgrade package for CNC laser cutting machines (source DXF, CAD software not included), and applications in robotics (welding). We perform NDT analysis through technology partners.
  • Metrology Software Applications including Statistical Process Control (SPC), MIL STD 105, MIL STD 414, MIL STD 1235, Data Acquisition & Mining, Calibration, FMEA, DOE, 6-sigma, MSA, Gear Metrology, upgrade of length measuring machines of different brands.
  • Metrology (our passion since 1992). Gear metrology, form metrology, Machine tool geometry inspection & CMM calibration with laser interferometer. 3D Laser Scanning.
  • Software and Training: Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt, Metrology, SPC, Sampling, CSP, reliability, DOE, MSA, FMEA.

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Scientific papers and contributions
INRIM (Italy), NCSL (USA), ISQ (Israel), IIW (Tunisia), ISPEMI (China)

2003 NCSL Tampa FL, USA
2009 Gold Medal - Ministry of Industry, Russian Federation
2010 Tunisia Award CETIME,  Tunisia
2010 Finnish Quality Innovation Award, Finland
2011 Ministry of Production, Metrology, Russia

2008 CNC Machine Tool Market
2008 Modern Metalworking
2008 Maschinenmarkt
2008 China MMsonline
2009 Echo Moskvy
2010 Finnish Quality Award
2011 Metrology Moskow
2012 Baltic Course

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