Reportes metrologia dimensional y control calidad


Reportes Feanor (PDF)
Incertezza di misura nel momento torcente International Conference of Calibration Laboratories ICCL - Jerusalem, mayo 2000
Laserinterferometro transportable para calibracion de PIMs, ISQ Conference - Jerusalem, nov. 2000

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Opto & Laser Europe inglés
Quality in Manufacturing, inglés

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Otros documentos
1. Paper presented at the NCSL International Metrology Conference, Luca Bochese, 2002, Tampa, Florida U.S.A.
2. Measurement Uncertainty in Torque Calibration, Luca G. Bochese, Israel Society for Quality, Jerusalem, 1999
3. Report on a new LVDT-based roundness measuring device for large diameters, Luca Bochese (Feanor internal report DEF_REP_018), St.Petersburg, Russia
4. Application of SPC in naval military industry, Luca Bochese (Feanor internal report DEF_REP_012), Tallinn, Estonia
5. Fire Control Systems Design (FCS), Luca Bochese, Chicago, U.S.A.
6. Application of fuel cells in submarine power systems, Luca Bochese (Feanor internal report DEF_REP_005), Tallinn, Estonia
7. Increasing performance of face gears for military aerospace industry (rotorcraft systems), Luca Bochese (Feanor internal report DEF_REP_003), Tallinn, Estonia


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