• AUTOFLANK - Development of a full automatic double flank gear measuring prototype system with robot pick-up for gear shafts
  • FACEGEAR - Development of a new cost-effective gear grinding technology for face gears
  • LASINTER - Evaluation of an in-built Compact HeNe Doppler Laser Interferometer in machine tool body
  • ONEFLANK - Development of a high-speed gear measurement instrument for helical spur gears by single flank rolling method and with noise analysis
  • PINETREE -  Special cutting tools for turbine grooving
  • TOPOFLANK - Development of a topographical analysis on spiroid gear flanks

We are constantly looking  for opportunities to develop with you new software, measurement or manufacturing technologies, sharing development costs with available EU funding. We take care of the management and part of the R&D activity. 

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