• FP-4SMT -- Development of a Transportable Calibration Device for Simple Measuring Instruments

  • VARY-GEAR- Development of a Manufacturing Process for Innovative Variable Speed Ratio Transmission Systems to be Used in Automated Barriers
  • TOPOFLANK - Development of a topographical analysis on spiroid gear flanks
  • FACEGEAR - Development of a new cost-effective gear shaping (cutting) and measuring technology for face gears to be used in helicopter gearboxes
  • PINETREE - High efficient manufacturing of  afterburning-articulating/steerable-nozzle by-pass thrust-vectoring turbojet shafts

We are constantly looking  for opportunities to develop with and for you new software, measurement or manufacturing technologies, sharing development costs with available EU funding.

We can also take care both of management and part of the R&D activity. 
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