QMSOFT software upgrade for Zeiss ULM type length measuring machines

This information refers to upgrading PC and software used with length measuring machines in calibration laboratories. It applies to measuring machines developed by different manufacturers, including all ZEISS ULM types and similar. This update allows use of QMSOFT 32 bit, without affecting the original measurement system (hardware) located on the machine. Measurement system correction values can be easily entered in QMSOFT after calibration with traceable laser interferometer or block gauges.

If you length measuring machines is connected to an old PC with ISA bus, proceed as follows:

1. You will need an interface box to convert the original Zeiss ULM signal into a signal which is compatible to the Heidenhain IK220 PCI card. Check that at least one PCI Standard slot (not only PCI Express) is available on your new PC and that operating systems is 32 bit (i.e. check with Heidenhain if IK220 PCI is already supported by Windows 7)
2. Install IK 220 PCI card on your new PC, install the IK220 PCI drivers, connect the interface box/interface cable to the IK200 and to the original cable of the Zeiss ULM.
3. Install QMSOFT 32, the card should be automatically installed. In QMSOFT 16 please check the bus address, it should be 330 or according to pin setup on IK220 card.
4. Adjust glass scale resolution and import correction table into IK220 display program in QMSOFT

QMSOFT 32 bit has been tested on Windows XP and Vista, uses Interbase SQL Server, and allows setup of a lab e-calibration policy.







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