Upgrade of Mahr 828 PC ULM with QMSOFT

Update your Mahr 828 with last QMSOFT 32 bit and udated PC with actual operating system.

Mahr 828
1. install Heidenhain IK220 and G4 card in two PCI slot and relevant drivers as required, first IK220 driver, then G4 driver
3. connect original cable to IK220
4. Connect inductive probe cable to G4 card and perform calibration (if amplification level is not sufficient, you will need to check and eventually modify pin layout of round connector

Original software will not be used. Install QMSOFT 32 bit running with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista).

If you prefer, you can install a laser interferometer on the machine. More info here.

Optimar and Millitron dial gauge display
Use a standard serial cable to connect Millitron 1510 (red/black, analogic or digital). Check type of interface on backside: Perthen/Mahr.

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