Laser interferometer LP 30 - Calibration of CMM and inspection of machine tool geometry
Laser interferometer LN 10 - OEM high accuracy laser measurement system

Calibration of length measuring systems- etherodyne (2 frequencies) laser interferometer

One of the world's most accurate and flexible laser calibration systems
, its wavelength accuracy ?.02 ppm, and physical separation between the laser source (50C) and the optical components (interferometer/reflector) guarantee the highest measurement accuracy, higher than any 3D tracker or tracer system.

Typical application are accuracy assessment of machine tools, CMMs, even references and other linear positioning systems.
LP30 laser interferometer system can be used to determine linear positioning and straightness errors in machine axes, to improve performance through targeted maintenance and correction for linear positioning errors using error compensation (using 5 sensors for measurement of air and material temperature, air humidity and air pressure).
Extremely compact and light (13 kg including tripod), reliable and cost-effective.
Sofware according following standard: PN - 93 M55580, ISO/DIS 230, PN - 93 M55580 , ISO 230-2 , NMTBA , VDI/DGQ 3441 and BSI BS 4656 Part 16.

LP30 has been used for applications up to 100 m, although for such distances air and temperature gradients should be taken into account.
A patented software technology allows measurement of straightness with a single travel of the interferometer along the axis, this is expecially useful when setting up in inspecting machine tools.A full range of accessories allow inspection of all geometric parameters.

A calibration certificate issued by the German Metrology Institute PTB in Braunschweig can be required. Feanor has been working with the German Metrology Institute on important FP4 SMT Research Projects in Length Measuring Systems and Length Abbe Measuring Machines.


LN 10 - Homodyne Laser Intereferometer

LN10 can be used to upgrade existing length measurement machines or for OEM application. Please refer to the PDF ay the bottom of this page.

Technical data


Main Specifications

Measurement of Range Resolution Accuracy
Distance 0 - 30 m (special up to 100 m) 1 nm 0,15 m/m
Speed 0 - 0,3 m/s (special up to 20 m/s) 3 m/s 0,1 %
Angle 0 - 3600 arcsec 0,6 arcsec 0,2 %
Straightness 0 - 3 m 0,1 m 1 %
Evenness 0 - 3 m 0,15 m m/100mm 0,5 %


PDF Interferometric principle
Technical data
LN 10 (mainly used for upgrade of linear measuring systems
Technical data
LP 30 (mainly used for inspection and calibration od CMM and machine tools)
user manual
HPI-3D (365 pages, Dropbox link) user manual


Application movie 1 Inspection of a machine tool using LP30 compact laser interferometer
Application movie 2 Measurement of straightness using a LP30 compact laser interferometer
Application movie 3 CMM or CNC positioning error inspection using a FEANOR LP30 laser interferometer
Application movie 4 Measurement of granite base
Application movie 5 Laser interferometer measurement of ballistic impact test at 30 m/s speed


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