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METROLOGY - Research in dimensional and laser metrology
CUTTING TOOLS - Design and manufacturing of
special cutting tools
SOFTWARE - Software for Quality, Metrology,
SENSOR Design & Technology for OEM (auto,T,p,H,v,a,gyro, chem, IR, UV,lambda, def, space, proxy, oil)

Feanor is a R&D company specialized in:

News related to sensors, tools, software

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HQ: EE10125 Tallinn, F. R. Faehlmanni 1-3, Estonia T/F. +3726996339
100069 Beijing, haidianqu, wang zhuang lu 18, China T. +8613717978084
I-20124 Milano, via Montepulciano 8, Italia T. +3902320623976 F. +3902700532664
Amman Jordan University district, Jubaiha T. +962799106590

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