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B_GOMMeasuring machines

SIP - 300, 300M, 550M, 750M
Brown&Sharpe TESA - TESA UPC, Etalon POLO
Mahr Federal - 828a, 828 PC, 828 UN, Optimar 100, Millitron 1240 e 1501IC, PLM 600
Zeiss aus Jena - ULM 600 (AE1IH/Heidenhain), ULM Opal 600, Opal 1000
Steinmeyer Feinmess Suhl - KLM-60.01, LM-300.01, UMP-2, EMP-II
Trimos - TULM RS232/Heidenhain, THV mini, LabConcept, TELMA, TELA
Pratt & Whitney - Supermicrometer, P&W Labmaster
Sylvac - Dial gauge calibrator, D 80, D 100, Opto RS
Helios - Com, Unitron, Com Supra, Linear, UMG 50
Microrep - DMS 680
Cary - Carylabor
ENIXE XRD Residual Stress Diffractometer

B_GOMMachine Tools

High-end machine tool upgrade (drives, NC, software, training) with technology partners. Upgrade kits available for gear hobbing, shaping and shaving, tool grinding, transfer and multi-spindle machines, water-jet and laser-jet cutting technology. 

Scientific papers and contributions
INRIM (Italy), NCSL (USA), ISQ (Israel), IIW (Tunisia), ISPEMI (China)

2003 NCSL Tampa FL, USA
2009 Gold Medal - Ministry of Industry, Russia
2010 Tunisia Award CETIME, Tunisia
2010 Finnish Quality Innovation Award, Finland
2011 Ministry of Production, Metrology, Russia

2008 CNC Machine Tool Market
2008 Modern Metalworking
2008 Maschinenmarkt
2008 China MMsonline
2009 Echo Moskvy
2010 Finnish Quality Award
2011 Metrology Moskow
2012 Baltic Course


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