NATO Science Programme

NATO offers support for international collaboration among scientists from countries of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC). NATO Science Programme is grouped into four sub-programmes:

Science Fellowship
Support for training of young researchers, the fellowship offers opportunities for partner scientists to continue their studies or research for a period in a NATO country and vice-versa.

Cooperative Science and Technology
The objective of this sub-programme is to initiate cooperation and to establish enduring personal links between scientists of the NATO and partner or Mediterranian Dialogue countries.

Research Infrastructure Support
Support of partner countries in structuring the organization of their research programmes and creating required basic infrastructure. Here support is directed from NATO to partner countries.

Science for Peace
Support of R&D for 3 to 5 years projects in industrial activity or environmental problems.


Support for the above activities is concentrated in four scientific areas:

1) Physical and Engineering Science and Technology (PST): including mathematics, physics, material science, chemistry, information technology and engineering science. This is the most important and successful area for joint industrial cooperation on metrology projects.

2) Life Science and Technology (LST): including biology, agricultural and food sciences, medical sciences and behavioural sciences.

3) Environmental and Earth Science and Technology (EST): including earth science, atmospheric science, oceanography and environmental sciences.

4) Security-related Civil Science and Technology (SST): dealing with security and environment protection in connection with all types of military activity, security related nuclear, chemical and biological science and technology and technologies for detection, verification, disarmament and conversion.


To know more about programme details or to receive assistance, or you just would like to analyse the possibility of a support for your specific research project, contact . We have a number of companies who could be interested in sharing experience or participate to a research consortium on different issues.
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